Motorama is:

  • Bert (formerly of the Liars, Forktongue, Jack Feels Fine etc.) plays Drums
  • Marcus (formerly of VD, Tactical Weapons Assault Team, Bacon, Veronica, Sport Utility Vehicle, etc.)
  • Rich (formerly of Autopussy) Bass

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Together with you, Motorama is working for a better future. We're taking silicone from faulty breast implants to build computers for the elderly & the old at heart.

Your contribution will not go towards the purchase of automatic firearms, crack, circus midgets, prostitutes, cloning, emulsifying, bee keeping, horse studding, cockfighting, skeet shooting, wine tasting, Yeti research, tornado chasing, Doppler affects, thermal energy detectors or the acquisition of any 3rd world countries

You have our word, thank you for your purchase.

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